As we got lost a little in Montpellier before we found a hotel, we were tired to discover the city. In the morning we continued to Montauroux.
We were little early, and St. Tropez is just one exit before our destination. Why not, time is all we got. St. Tropez was nothing less than its reputation. Old buildings and narrow streets. Haute couture boutiques and big yachts make you wonder whose the next celebrity you are going to see.
The beauty of the land and the simple autoroute system, made the drive very pleasant and enjoyable. The landscape changed from one area to the other as we progressed, so did the color of green. From pine tree green in the west , to lush vibrant color of plantation in the center, where the Pyrenees form natural borders with Sapin, and then the dry olive tree shade in the west, like those areas in some Lebanese coastal hills.
May 2 - May 4
End of Montauroux 5/04/05
The Pyrenees
St. Trop from St.Maxime
St.Maxime from St. Trop
Our next stop would be Mantauroux, where we will be staying with Maurice Moubarak and his wife Genevieve for two nights. The distance we have to drive is long, about 800 kms, east to west across the southern part of France,
As we decided to take it easy, we left Leon one day ahead of schedule, on Sunday. We spent that night in Montpellier, and then headed to Montauroux on Monday.
Before we got to Montpellier, we made a stop at Narbonne to look at some surfers on the beach, and noticed a winery, Chateau de Bouis, Quickly we decided to pay it a visit. Wine was good, so we bought a bottle for our friend in Geneve
Sure enough, here is Vin Diezel in a black Mercedes 500 at the parking lot. He looks exactly as you'd see him in the movies, hulky but charming. When we spoke together, he always had his boyish smile and was friendly. He did not mind talking to us at all. I just did not want to bother him with the usual fan's wish of taking pictures, specially that he had that gorgeous woman with a model look all over here, sitting in the car, while he was trying to find his way to some place. ( I took other pictures of him from a distance with my other camera)