April 23 - April 30
Leon is one of those small towns embedded along the south western part of France along the Atlantic, in the region called les Pays Landes. Many of those towns are located right on the ocean front, where the beaches are absolutely gorgeous golden sand. Leon however is tucked within one of the hundreds of forests of pine trees, about 5 kms from the beach,
The Pays Landes is one of the largest and finest producer of fois gras and honey. Stores offering all kinds of these two products are scattered along the very well maintained web of roads that connect the different towns,
Our camp, les Villages sous les Pins, is one of few camps scattered around Leon. Cabins are nestled in groups, called villages with different names. Pine trees are of course everywhere. It is so calm here, even with the hundreds of families who came here on vacations. The only sounds you hear are those of birds singing and the breeze fooling around with the tree tops,
From Paris to Leon
One day at Vieux-Boucau, 15 km south of Leon. It was full of  beautful nature, beach, sand, pizza and beer
When we left Paris it was cloudy and along the way it was drizzling from time to time. We started late so we got to our destination around 9:00 in the evening. Just when we pulled into our designated parking spots, the sky opened its gates, and heavy rain, really heavy, was our welcome banner. It was not a good sign, or so we felt.
Rain disappeared the next day the same way it showed up: suddenly. The days to follow were sunny and warm, so we enjoyed all outdoor activities.
In the woods, following a trail and hiking
More of Leon and its lake
End of Leon 4/30/05