Spain is only about 120 kms from Leon. So we drove there on the 25th and again on the 29th. The nearest city is San Sebastian. Just as you pass the border you feel some difference. Although it's far from being compared to our neighbors on the south, Mexico and Spain have a few things in common.

Of course they almost speak the same language, that made Marlene our group guide and speaker.
Like Mexico, the prices of everything in Spain are much cheaper than its northern neighbor. Gas is like 15% cheaper. (I love my diesel Clio, 25 kms per litre, about 60 miles per gallon)  J&B was 40% less, and so on.
France gets lots of products, specially vegetables from Spain.
I don't know about workforce, but isn't it amazing how these two countries compare to the USA and Mexico.
April 25 & April 29
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Some one is sleepy.... after a bottle of wine of course.
End of Spain 4/30/05
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