When we asked Kamal that we like to have some arabic music, he gave us 15 minutes as time is limited and there are only 9 arabic talking people. I mixed some Zaffeh and arabic music and squeezed  as many as i could, but could not come shorter that 20 minutes.
Before the wedding i gathered the male friends and told them that they have to help and all they have to do is, that on my signal, they carry both Kavitha and Kamal and move. They asked how do i want them to move. Easy, follow your instincts and the music beat. And so it was, the couple got their Zaffeh and they were carried up, and they all enjoyed it and asked for more arabic....too late for that, but the dance continued and it was a blast.
Check the flower throwing,  Sid dancing and where we ended up after the party next.....
Kavitha & Kamal

November 12, 2010             Dreams La Romana
They did not know why they have been seatedStill no clue what is coming their waystill wonderingThe guys decided to take Kamal without a chair..and up they go when The Zaffeh started palyingKavitah was scaredKamal was having his best time over Samir's shoulders
The guys celebrating after a well done job, all new for them.Marlene on a chairFinally Mela could bring her down