On a separate deck, there was a light cocktail. It was nice and beautiful. The guests mingled and some took advantage of the romantic set and took appropriate photos ( all kisses were removed...no room )
All moved to the dinner set, also in the open and overlooking the see. Every one was busy with his/her delicious dinner and there was no time for taking pictures... not even for the plates.
Kamal and Kavitah visited each table, cut the cake and opened the dance floor..... follow us to the last page to see the Zaffeh and the conclusion
Kavitha & Kamal

November 12, 2010             Dreams La Romana
The couple arriving to the cocktail partyMarlene and Jaya
The couple are looking for their seat for dinnerkarl giving his speachKavia giving her speachThe couple cutting the weddin cake
let's start the danceMom is first to dance