Fashion up and down....

Today, the 11th, was the rehersal day. The couple invited all guests to a dinner at the nearby resort the Casa di Campo. All but one couple were present. Kavitha and Kamal wished that we come in Indian dress. 14 of the 33 guests, were dressed in indian. It was a colorful night. Women were shining in amazing and silkful saris (sarees). They all looked so elegant and charming. All men were in gold colour kurtas, for one exception: Rudy, my brother in law (adeel), looked so distinguished in his bright blue kurta, matching his wife.... you should see waht happend to him at the end.
There are so many pictures for this event. Here there are two sets of fashion display. The next page shows the rest.
Kavitha & Kamal

November 12, 2010             Dreams La Romana