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The Kids
As we continue to build this site, ordinary life goes on. This year and so far, there was nothing of great importance for the Haddad's family, except of course that our kids, Kamal and Karl have finished successfully their junior year, college and high school respectively, . We are so excited and looking forward for June of 2002 when both of them will graduate, one to go into the real life and the other to start his journey into higher education.

The other intriguing issue is the state of our business at the restaurant as our lease is ending by the end of this June. As many of you know, our landlord was asking for  two and a half times the existing rent, which we cannot afford. We have offered him 50% increase that he promised to look into. That was like over a month now and he never came back to us.

Our position now : we have no idea what will happen in a week or so.

Kamal is still working at Cypress Semiconductor, only that since he finished school, he has been full time worker. Karl found a job at a shoe store at the Great Mall. He is excited about it. Why not, he will get a substantial discount on his purchases, and he loves shoes.

Many of our friends have more exciting news. The Mubaraks went on a one month trip to Europe that included a Mediterranean cruise and came back with a full load of pictures and stories.

Eliane Selwan graduated this month (June) with a master's degree in computer science. Congratulations and hats off for Mrs. Selwan, the mother of three and wife of Pierre.

The most exciting news is the coming of baby Francois-Albert Akiki. A healthy 8 pounder and a handsome and beautiful baby boy. picture 

The 4th of July came on a Wednesday this year. The Mubaraks invited a few families over . It was hot but clouds eased the heat a little. All the kids cooled off in the pool, some parents did too and they all enjoyed the fresh cool water.  BBQ and many salads were served, there were fruits, cakes and of course cigars. It was a fabulous day full of fun. pictures  
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